Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Mahler 1 Rattle Berliner Philharmoniker LIVE

Please see my reviews of each of these concerts (and also lots of other Mahler) So far M1, M4 and M3 coming up. Please see labels on right.

This Friday, August 27th another major Mahler fix comes from the Berliner Philharmoniker.LIVE streaming online and in cinemas across Europe. This marks the start of the Berlin Mahler year, not that it's such a big deal in a city that's sponsored complete Mahler cycles several times. But in Berlin they do things with real style., so this will be another unmissable event. Especially as the band includes some of the same folk as played with Abbado in Lucerne.

Rattle's conducting Mahler 1 and Beethoven 4. Plenty more Mahler coming up from Berlin, see my summary HERE.  The Berliner Philharmoniker site has lots of fantastic stuff coming up - Berio Coro and Boulez conducting the full Stravinsky The Nightingale. The site's been streamlined and really is fantastic. 

This is the way to go ! The world is now one, with equal access for anyone, anywhere with the net (and a basic income - let's not forget how lucky we are, compared with millions).  It still amazes me to think we can all share wherever, whoever we are. Long term this could make a difference to the future of classical music. No more big fish in small ponds. No more insularity. No more hicktown Hitlers. No wonder some folk are running scared.

Fortunately, though, it's the top orchestras who have grasped the new technology. Ventures like the Berliner Philharmoniker are expensive, but they keep their quality high and aim at those who appreciate what they're doing. Really good business means growing the market, encouraging audiences to aim higher, learn more. This raises the bar for everyone, which is a good thing. Luckily, classical music is never going to appeal to tone deaf profiteers like Murdoch.

And on 4th September, Rattle and the Berlin Philharmoniker come to London for the Proms, which we can all listen to worldwide live and online. Wagner, Berg,  Strauss, Schoenberg, Webern and on BBC2 TV for the domestic audience too. I will be reviewing this concert and comparing it with the Proms broadcast - please come back for more !

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Jim N said...

I look forward with much anticipation to the third season of these concerts. Why American orchetras are still failing to grasp the great oppotunity that is staring them in the face and ears.

With ticket sales for live concerts declining due to the financial crises live and archived concerts are the next best thing.

I'd rather watch online then go to a live concert anyway. I also prefer CDs to live attendance.